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Our Story

InfuseFlow’s platform was created in 2014 and refined in 2016 by industry insiders looking to solve long-standing inefficiencies in the Infusion Industry, and help providers improve patient care and access.

InfuseFlow boasts a proven technology platform, which has been successfully implemented and has been in use by both Infusion, Hospital and Surgical providers for several years.

Our Vision

InfuseFlow aims to create efficiencies and improved quality of care for Infusion Providers by pushing control, accountability and standardization through the Provider’s daily workflows.

We believe in our evolving infusion industry everything matters.
Track everything – Manage everything – Monitor everything

Our Tech

InfuseFlow is the first full end-to-end Workflow as a Service Software (WaaS) solution for the Infusion Industry.
Rather than just a single-purpose app or software that focuses on only one sliver of an Infusion Provider’s daily processes, InfuseFlow is a solution built to deliver a robust operational end-to-end workflow management solution that is capable of integrating a suite of applications. Flexible architecture and big data back-end
means that InfuseFlow can also scale and adapt to changes in your operations and the industry.

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