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Smart & purpose-built

How It Works

InfuseFlow is designed with the belief that in order to truly impact workflows, one must start at the beginning – Intake and Referral Coordination.

InfuseFlow’s architecture allows it to integrate with any other platform willing to do so.

We’ve Got You Covered

With workflows and logic designed from the ground up specifically for the infusion and specialty pharmacy industry, InfuseFlow ultimately protects your operation’s revenues while maximizing efficiencies that drive cost savings.


Understanding that no infusion operation is exactly the same, InfuseFlow is designed to drive users to best practices, without trapping them into a corner.

From Physician-owned and operated Office infusion suites, Outsourced Infusion Center Providers, Home Infusion Providers, Independent Ambulatory Infusion Center Providers, and everything in between, InfuseFlow’s features and modules provide for unmatched operational control and improvements.

Features & Advantages


  • Automate workflows
  • Drive accountability through individual and team task tracking and documentation
  • Reduce labor inefficiencies through standardization and/or automation of tasks:
    • Intake
    • Insurance verification and auth
    • Clinical reviews
    • Pharmacy reviews
    • Lab results reviews
    • Financial Reviews
    • Scheduling
    • Provider Communications
    • Nurses notes and provider charting
  • Increase referral win rate by improving intake processes
  • Track your sales team’s productivity and marketing efforts by date, drug, city, diagnosis, or anything else:
    • Referrals generated by team member
    • Referrals won, cancelled and pending
    • Top referral sources


  • Big Data back-end for ultimate flexibility
  • Robust 3rd party system interfacing capabilities
  • Image recognition and OCR technology
  • Cloud-based
  • Easy to use reporting features
  • Customizable
  • Full EHR built in
  • CRM built in
  • Outbound fax tracking
  • Flexible calendar and scheduling function
  • Integrated to major databases
  • First Data Bank Drug Database
    • ICD 10
    •  NPI
    • Hospital

more to come…

Track infusion administration outcomes

Coordinate care and keep providers informed

And much, much more…


Working as your operation’s hub between departments and disparate softwares, InfuseFlow’s comprehensive workflows and documentation forms allow
you to capture an unmatched amount of discrete data into one consolidated point of truth. All this consolidated data means you can track virtually anything you
need: Referral statuses, turn around time, sales team performance, patient outcomes, provider/patient communication, Insurance auth, department reviews,
and much more.


With easy-to-navigate and customizable workflows and document statusing, InfuseFlow provides for unmatched management of your operation’s teams and
their tasks.


From customizable workflow views, easy data exports, and dashboards, InfuseFlow allows for unprecedented monitoring of your operations straight out of
the box. Ability to access customized KPIs and dashboards further enhance the system’s out=of-the-box monitoring capabilities.

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