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Post-acute Referral Management, Documentation and Workflow Solution

End-to-End Infusion Industry Solution

From provider referrals to patient outcomes, we built InfuseFlow from the ground-up to provide enterprise-level tracking, management, monitoring and workflow solutions for the infusion industry and post-acute market at large

Full Collaboration Solution

Full EHR workflow solution. Quickly assign documents to teams or individuals, link related patient documents. Fax and share documents from within the system for a full collaboration solution.

And much more…

About InfuseFlow


Our Story

The InfuseFlow platform was created by industry insiders looking to solve long-standing inefficiencies within the industry.

Our Vision

InfuseFlow creates efficiencies and improved quality of care for Infusion Providers by pushing control, accountability and standardization through the Provider’s daily workflows. 

Our Tech

InfuseFlow is the first full end-to-end Workflow as a Service Software (WaaS) technology solution for the Infusion Industry. 

Optimize Your Infusion Services

Understanding that no infusion operation is exactly the same, InfuseFlow is designed to drive users to best practices, without trapping them into a corner. From Physician-owned and operated Office infusion suites, Outsourced Infusion Center Providers,  Home Infusion Providers, Independent Ambulatory Infusion Center Providers, and everything in between, InfuseFlow‘s features and modules provide for unmatched operational control and improvements.

How it Works


InfuseFlow is designed with the belief that in order to truly impact workflows, one must start at the beginning – Intake and Referral Coordination.

  • Track Everything
  • Manage Everything
  • Monitor Everything


“The workflow and accountability management is incredibly powerful… We know what team-members have done and where we are with a patient referral at all times.”

Operations Manager

“We could not handle our referrals efficiently without InfuseFlow. It significantly improved my team’s service quality, and referral sources can tell the difference.” Intake Manager

“This was a game-changer! InfuseFlow allowed us to achieve incredible overhead savings. We also now control and de-risk our receivables by forcing best practices upfront.”

Home Infusion and AIC Provider CFO

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